Constructing the Conversation

This activity invites you to polish your wiki article cosmetically and then begin thinking about how to construct a scholarly or expert conversation for your article. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your individual article. Click “Edit,” and give it a more descriptive title, such as “Writing in a Literary Criticism Journal.” If you need them, insert paragraph breaks by hitting Enter/Return.
  2. Then, re-title each wiki post so far:
    1. Post 1 should be “Journal Overview and Citation Practices”
    2. Post 2 should be “Definition Practices”
    3. Post 3 should be “Style of Dense Passages”
    4. Post 4 should be “General Academic Style”
  3. Highlight each title with your cursor and click "H1" in the toolbar to turn it into a heading.
  4. Click “Save and Continue”
  5. Find your academic research journal, and see if you can locate the submission guidelines. How long are typical articles? If you can’t find guidelines, calculate an average by opening an article, picking a line at random, counting the words in that line, multiplying that by the number of lines on the page, and multiplying that by the number of pages. For a few articles, count how many references come at the end. Include both of these numbers at the beginning of your “Journal Overview and Citation Practices” (Wiki Post 1).
  6. Compare the paper you’re revising, your first wiki post, and the average number of citations in articles. Then, insert a brief paragraph at the end of that post answering the following questions: what kind of research do you need to do to get your article publication-ready? Do you need more primary research? What kind? How many secondary (scholarly) articles do you need? What purpose(s) will these articles serve in your article? In other words, what will you need to do with these articles after you find them?
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