Project 2 Assignment Sheet

Writing for the General Public—200 Points

Basic Guidelines

Length: To be determined by your chosen publication venue, but aim for feature-length news article or opinion piece.
Rough Draft: Varies. Bring 14 copies for an in-class workshop on your designated workshop date.
Revised Draft: Tuesday, 11/26
Final Due Date: Tuesday, 12/3


For this project, you will take the same material from your writing-for-experts project and re-write it for a target audience of people who are not particularly knowledgeable in (or only generally knowledgeable about) your field. As part of this process, you must research available publication outlets, both electronic and print, so that you may have a specific target for your revision.

Some of the content from your original writing may remain the same, but you will need to do substantial revision to make it appropriate for a general audience and publication worthy. As with Project 1, you should use your knowledge about your audience’s relative knowledge, as well as the genre expectations, citation guidelines, stylistic preferences, and knowledge-reporting practices of your new publication venue to produce a rhetorically effective article.

Reflective Paper

In addition to your final article, you must submit a two-page (~500 word) reflective paper detailing your process for revising Project 1 to meet your new audience and genre in Project 2. Using specific examples from your writing, explain how you feel you addressed the rhetorical expectations from your new publication venue.

Criteria for Evaluation

  • Addresses an argumentative or informative purpose that readers can easily follow. 40 points
  • Reflects a writing style appropriate to your audience and your publication venue. 40 points
  • Shares essential information without getting bogged down in details more appropriate for expert audiences. 40 points
  • Uses appropriate citation practices as determined by your publication venue. 30 points
  • Effective introduction and conclusion. 20 points
  • Appropriately meets the basic submission guidelines from your chosen publication venue. 10 points
  • Includes a reflective paper detailing your revision process. 10 points
  • Correct grammar, usage, and spelling. 10 points

Uploading Files

To upload files to your Wikidot page, simply click “Files” at the bottom of the page, click “Upload a file from your computer,” select the appropriate file, and click “Upload Files.” When uploading files, be sure they have clear titles, like “Basgier Project 2 Draft 1.docx.”

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