Project 2 Workshop

This page will lead you through a review of your peers' Project 2s. Please answer the following questions thoroughly by typing them and uploading them to your peer's wiki page.

  1. Read through your peer's article, Wiki Post 7, and Revision Plan. Then, answer the following questions:
  2. Summarize the article to the best of your ability. Does it move logically from point to point? Is it hard to follow at any point? Why? Or, how does the article move you logically and effectively from part to part?
  3. Does the article seem appropriate for the publication, as you understand it? Why or why not?
  4. Imagine you are a reader for your peer's chosen publication (using your peer's wiki posts as a guideline). Would this article interest you? Why or why not? Does it have "news value"—that is, some clear contemporary relevance?
  5. What do you see as the article's purpose? Summarize it, and then comment: does it achieve that purpose? Do you see any parts that seem to go against this purpose or that could be eliminated (i.e. non-essential information)?
  6. Does the style seem appropriate for a general readership, and particularly the readership of this particular publication? Why or why not? Note any places where specialist or expert knowledge could be re-written for a non-expert audience.
  7. Note any other changes you think your peer could make to develop a more effective article.

Publications for 11/12

Tiffany--Common Sense Media
Sam S.--Brave New Traveler
Dani--The New Yorker

Publications for 11/7

Education Week--AnnMarie
The New York Times--Carolyn

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