Project 3 Assignment Sheet

Writing for Specialized Audiences—200 Points

Basic Guidelines

Length: To be determined by your chosen publication venue
Final Due Date: 12/17 by 3:15, posted on Wikidot


For this project, you will put into practice the writing skills and decision-making processes you’ve employed in the first two projects, but without the structured support of the first two projects. In other words, you must complete project three in a shorter time frame and without the level of in-class and out-of-class help you received for Projects 1 and 2.

Project 3 will be about the same topic as your Projects 1 and 2, but in one-on-one conferences, we will determine a new purpose, audience, and publication venue for your writing. Once again, your wiki should drive your revisions: use your knowledge about your audience, as well as the genre expectations, citation guidelines, stylistic preferences, and knowledge-building practices of your new publication venue to produce a more rhetorically effective piece of writing.

Reflective Paper

In addition, you must submit a two-page (~500 word) reflective paper detailing your process for revising Projects 1 and 2 to meet your new audience, genre, and purpose in Project 3. Using specific examples from your writing, explain how you feel you addressed the rhetorical expectations from your new publication venue.

Uploading Files

To upload files to your Wikidot page, simply click “Files” at the bottom of the page, click “Upload a file from your computer,” select the appropriate file, and click “Upload Files.” When uploading files, be sure they have clear titles, like “Basgier Project 1 Draft 1.docx.”

Criteria for Evaluation

  • Articulates a clear argument that your audience could easily follow. 40 points
  • Reflects a writing style appropriate to your audience and your publication venue. 40 points
  • Shares essential information without getting bogged down in details appropriate for expert audiences. 40 points
  • Uses appropriate citation practices as determined by your publication venue. 30 points
  • Effective introduction and conclusion. 20 points
  • Appropriately meets the basic submission guidelines from your chosen publication venue. 10 points
  • Includes a reflective paper detailing your revision process. 10 points
  • Correct grammar, usage, and spelling. 10 points
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